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mikkel woodruff是一半有时候她和她的丈夫一起跑了丹。他们在亚洲和欧洲等地方,在美国和国外的中等大小到奢侈预算的夫妻旅行。Mikkel是一位专业的摄影师,丹是一名营销创意总监 - 他们有时跑回家作为全职工作的额外冒险。他们的网站的目标是激励读者旅行,并为下一个假期提供想法。关注Mikkel在社交媒体上:FacebooktwitterInstagram.(和这个Instagram.for their food adventures), andPinterest.。You can sign up for theirnewsletterstoo!

What inspired you to start blogging?

I was writing about my travels on my婚纱摄影网站blog and I was worried people would get confused about why I was traveling so much! So I decided to start a dedicated website. I met my husband not too long after it and we decided to be co-owner and divide up the tasks. So we both own and operate it.




Where is your happy place? Your favourite destination in the world?

Our happy place is definitely Europe! Norway always brings me happiness, Japan is incredible and I love going back, and Spain is a place my husband and I deeply love as a couple.


I love reading friends’ blogs and helping uplift them!Rachel Off Dutyjen在喷气式飞机上科尔曼礼宾Wanderlust MarriageandBobo and Chi Chiare a few.


Can you share the three most popular posts on your blog?

Of course!


Our 12 Favorite Spots Around San Diego, California

One Perfect Day in Granada, Spain


My tip would be to jump into education for SEO sooner rather than later. Also don’t worry about posting on a specific day and time when you’re starting out. I read this was important to do consistently somewhere and it ended up really stressing me out. It’s not important, especially if you don’t yet have a solid readership yet. Just post every week or month overall – the specific time and day doesn’t matter as much.


我已经注册的会员链接start to monetize it right away. I didn’t because I figured if we weren’t getting traffic why bother? But now I realize if the traffic was going to come it would have been great to already have set up the system to make some money as traffic increased!

Tracey是FLEA企业的内容编辑。她在Packtheps也博客。特蕾西主要写入家庭旅行;从日间出发到与她的宠物狗的公路旅行,以巡航和长途热带目的地。她的家人包括她的丈夫Huw,医疗作家,Millie-Mae(14),托比(12)和Izzy和Jack The Spaniels。


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