旅行狂妈妈is a family travel blog that started out during a wild and adventurous maternity leave when baby Esmé was born. Mum Karen, nurse and avid traveller decided she didn’t want to it around in a London flat throughout the dreary winter. Instead she took off with partner Shaun, a baby and one backpack exploring Asia. Since then the story went viral across the internet, leading to a successful blog that has held the interest of thousands of followers. Needless to say when the second baby came along another wild adventure from Canada to Argentina by land took 7 months for the family to complete. Karen is currently concentrating on her nursing job and wanting to utilise her skills to care for patients during the Covid pandemic but has another crazy adventure up here sleeve for when it is safe to do so. Follow Travel Mad Mum on一款图片分享应用andfacebook.


I was on maternity leave and decided to use the time to travel so we backpacked with our baby around SE Asia and spent a lot of time in NZ too. I realised it was quite a unique experience thing to do so decided to set up a blog to share my tips. I didn’t have grand plans got the blog as I still to this day have a hectic NHS job. It did take off a few years ago though and had been a great source of income until the pandemic hit.


We are sitting, watching and waiting to see if we can take off on some long-term travels in the RV we renovated. I’m hoping we can do it early next year.

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你不需要吨的追随者。学习本身O really well and you can start earning quite quickly. Obviously at the moment, the travel blogging industry is non-existent so make sure to have content beyond the far-flung destinations that people might not get to in the current climate.





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